God-Man Theory

A pioneering group of Neothink scientists will eventually look again at the enormous data collected on our Universe while asking a new set of questions based on: “What if God-Man controlled the cosmos?”

The scientifically sound theory was originated by Dr. Frank R. Wallace in his Neo-Tech writings (taught in the Neothink Society). His theory in essence logically demonstrates why consciousness is an integral component of the Universe as are energy and matter. Dr. Wallace believed enough data currently exists that, if closely looked at while asking a different set of questions, the data will prove that consciousness ultimately controls the cosmos. The most probable way the proof will come: by showing that, through the unconscious, uninfluenced Laws of Nature, something can not be the way it is…meaning humanlike consciousness or God-Man altered the course of nature, perhaps interdicting a threatening, natural catastrophe that would wipe out life.

When the proof comes, civilization will dramatically shift away from the current irrational, political anticivilization to the Twelve Visions World — tomorrow’s purely rational, businesslike civilization after the Prime-Law Amendment. Nothing before or after will affect the ordinary person more…not Copernicus who led the way out of the Dark Ages, not Newton who led the way into the Age of Reason, not Einstein who led the way for modern electronics. Nothing before or after will catapult the prosperity of the ordinary person more than proving the God-Man Theory and his Civilization of the Universe.


That proof will make the political no-initiatory-force structure of the Twelve Visions Party and the drive for Project Life the natural order of things.

The acceptance of the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law would mean rising wealth for everyone, even for the poor, as demonstrated in the TVP Platform, and the acceptance of Project Life would eventually mean near-perfect health, rapidly increasing longevity, and eventual non-aging (even reverse-aging) biological immortality for everyone, including and especially for the elderly. People, by the way, would be deeply happy. In the new prosperity explosion, they would be enjoying exhilarating creation-driven lives and exciting romantic-love relationships. Those ordinary people would now want to live forever! (To understand this more thoroughly, you need Neothink Superpuzzle.)

Dr. Wallace’s tragic accident that took his life far too soon ended his two exciting projects next on his agenda. The first was a publication he planned to write called Neo-Tech Bullets that he has referenced in his published writings. The second project was to prove, from studying existing data on the cosmos, that conscious life ultimately controls the cosmos. I encourage scientists, physicists to pursue this wide-open opportunity. Even amateur physicists can join this exciting new research and pool their efforts in the Neothink Clubhouses.