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Actualizing Our Superpuzzle in Real-Life

When the demand for anti-aging expands exponentially and the path to supply anti-aging solutions is wide open …only within those conditions of powerful motivation and pure freedom can something so complex as curing aging be achieved. With the help of Mark Hamilton, we are putting everything into place with the Neothink Business System and its Business Alliance, the Neothink Visions and their Twelve Visions World, the Neothink Society and its Social Clubhouses, the Neothink Political System and its Twelve Visions Party. Together, we are focusing on providing the conditions in the Neothink Society from which the cure to aging can rise. The cure will happen once our Neothink Systems – business, social, political – become widespread. Our Neothink Society and its new Neothink School teach our Neothink Systems, but they must be taught to the masses. Of course, the establishment would never support our Neothink Systems that will obsolete the failing establishment. The established New York publishers, national bookstore chains, national media, for example, would never disseminate my writings and teachings. So, we have designed a brand-new, unique online network to bring the Neothink Society and his Neothink Systems to the masses through word-of-mouth.

Our gift to mankind is: idealizing the conditions that will bring us the cure to poverty, stagnation, tyranny, and aging, and then actualizing those conditions with unique Neothink Systems found in the Neothink Society – unique business, political, and social systems. The Neothink Society brings those Neothink Systems to the people in order to make life far better – make life worth living forever. Bring your loved ones, family, friends into the Neothink Society today. The Neothink Society is the forerunner – a microcosm – for our future Twelve Visions World in which everyone is wealthy, healthy, youthful, and at peace.

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