Revamp Your Political System with Neothink

Launching Wealth, Health, Peace on Earth

As the demand for longevity grows, the resources and technologies that can bring us anti-aging solutions must be free to rapidly advance. In other words, the politicization of the medical, business, science and research worlds must end. We must depoliticize society in general to remove the web of regulations, legislation, and litigation that makes rapid progress impossible. This is the supply side of the demand-and-supply formula for curing aging. For the supply of anti-aging solutions to rise to the demand created by the Neothink Business System and the Neothink Social System, we need a Neothink Political System that will depoliticize America and then the world. Mark Hamilton has created such a Neothink Political System. The Twelve Visions Party embodies that new-dimension, Neothink Political System. The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget lifts us for the first time into a protection-only, purely free political dimension. The Prime Literature delivers that entirely new political structure needed to unleash progress and achieve the cure to aging.

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