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Embracing Your Creation-Driven Lifestyle

The demand for longevity must become enormous to attract the large money and major research and development programs required to cure this complex disease. The demand for longevity grows exponentially as people rise from their boring ruts of stagnation into exhilarating lives of creation as taught in the Neothink Society. As Mark Hamilton shows in The Prime Cure, nearly all jobs and business paradigms are currently set up for limited use of our minds and creativity, which leads to stagnation. The human mind was designed for creation and slowly dies from stagnation. Our new business and job paradigm found only in Prime Literature (and further taught in the Neothink Society) – our division of essence delivered through the Neothink Business System – brings creativity to our jobs and opens our minds as they were designed to exist. The human mind is the only thing on Earth that can CREATE. Without creation, the human mind falls far below its potential and slowly stagnates and dies. With creation, the mind lives in beautiful harmony with its nature and continually grows, expands, and experiences the exhilarating life it was meant to live…as it did as a young child. Value creation to the adult mind is play. The adult who creates values plays at life and loves life and does not want to slow down and lose his or her play time. The adult who creates demands longevity. Our new business paradigm is called the division of essence, delivered to you through our Neothink Business System, brings creation to each and every job for all people …even those currently stuck in unbearable routine ruts and physical labor! The Neothink Business System is a major breakthrough in business and in each individual’s life. Mentors in the Neothink Society help you implement the Neothink Business System learned here in this course and your books. This new business/job paradigm is one of the complex requirements for creating the demand needed for curing aging. Moreover, consider this major benefit of the Neothink Business System and your transition into value creation: the open-ended possibilities at wealth creation! In the Neothink Society, our top mentors work with you each step of the way. The emotional and financial benefits are life-changing! Our mentors are waiting for you in the Neothink Society – to help you further embrace your creation-driven life!

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